Thursday, 2 February 2012


Going on holiday from work is deeply, deeply weird. Good, obviously, but deeply weird.

Holidays from school and university are different. Everyone goes on holiday at the same time, you expect things to be different, and things to happen to everyone. That's just peachy. Holidays from work are really, really weird because you go away and stuff... doesn't really happen. Everyone is sat in the same place, all of the same jobs need doing, and once you get over the morning of catching up with e-mails and your own little projects, that's about it. The luxurious holiday, or rejuvenation days, disappear into bittersweet memories as alarm bleeps at the same time and work continues on the same little treadmill.

OR ALTERNATIVELY you come back from work and discover this looking back at you from your desktop:

(Where there is some very bad paint spray was my last name. Okay, pretty much anyone can find out who I am, and I post links to this on my facebook wall, but let's pretend to retain an air of mystery.)

I went away for one day. Just one. I'm saving up all of my holidays to get married in, and taken the odd day for wedding preparation. Apparently a recent Friday in which I made myself absent was a very dull day indeed, because the buggars hacked into my computer and left this for my on the desktop. THANKS GUYS.

(Actually, I sat down, logged in, and howled with laughter before hastily taking it off my desktop because I couldn't bear the thought of him looking at me every day, but I did chortle. We don't talk about politics a lot in my office, but my distaste for Cameron is well known.)

Then, of course, things trundled back into the old routine, but at least things don't all stay exactly the same!

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