Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A moment of your time, please

Today I'm telling you about Mike. He has buggar all to do with being a graduate; he and I were colleagues at my first post-graduate job, but that's about it.

Mike would like to go to America. He's been a few times, in fact, but despite constant good timekeeping in terms of return dates and an emphatic desire not to emigrate, just visit, the USA will not let Mike back in. You see, Mike is going to America to visit his boyfriend.

I'll let him tell you about it.

This blog is not my place to comment on American politics, because lots of other people do that better than me. I like America. I like the culture, I like the geography, and so help me I even like the food. I do not like the politics. I do not like the current exciting disregard that most of the lawmakers seem to have for women's health, or indeed for human rights.

I respect a country's right to maintain it's borders, but excluding someone based on their sexuality is wrong. If you also think this is wrong, there is a petition to the White House here.

I don't really know Mike. The last time I saw him we were in Reflex in Liverpool on my leavers do for that, when we danced to the Ghostbusters theme. We're facebook acquaintances, but I have no other compulsion to help him except for the fact that discrimination is wrong, and I know that Mike is a nice guy. No one deserves to be kept apart by borders. That's all I can say, really; I encourage you to sign the petition.

Thanks all.

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